Evertale: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Evertale is a new monster-collecting RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that blends traditional monster collecting with other RPG elements in a seamless manner. You can have up to eight monsters in your party, and being that this is not a f2p game, you have a very involved, console-esque story to follow, as well as a gameplay system free of pay-to-win trappings.

You can catch monsters in six different regions of the land, join a guild in order to play with other players, and take on all sorts of side quests in addition to the main quests in the game.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Evertale for the iOS and Android platforms!

The main difference between this and similar monster-collection games is how many characters you can put in your party at the same time, as well as the constraints. You have cost limits that prevent you from just putting all of the most powerful people in your party at once, so you have to take a deep look at all of the stats, skills, and traits in order to build a team most effectively.

One thing to consider is the different elements of each character. Storm beats water, water beats fire, fire beats wind, and wind beats storm. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s a good spin on the elements. Light and dark are strong against each other, so while there might not be an overall advantage in pitting them against each other, the battles will certainly go by quickly.

After the tutorial is done, focus on completing the daily missions and the achievements. Daily missions reset every 24 hours, and they give you the most rewards for the least amount of work. Achievements give you premium currencies and rewards, so while they are a bit tougher or more tedious to complete, they’re worth it.

Be sure to participate in as many events as possible. Like other games of this type, there are special events to complete in Evertale. Often the events are permanent, such as with the training dojo, and you can earn things such as summoning stones and evolution materials. You have other limited-time events, too, which can earn you some of the greatest rewards in the entire game. Even if you’re not good at them, participate and you’ll still earn some type of reward.

You can’t put more than one of the same character into your team at the same time, so sell the duplicates in order to earn silver. The silver can then later be spent to help your current party and your favorite monsters progress.

Don’t just complete the story missions and then return as soon as possible. Take some time to explore. Look around for various treasure chests, and open them so that you can receive free rewards. Treat the game more like a console RPG than like a mobile RPG, in other words.

Summoning crystals will let you summon new monsters. You can either do one monster at a time, or ten at a time for 1,000 crystals. Save your crystals for 10 at a time because when you do the x10 summon, you will earn a guaranteed SR or SSR, which will become the most powerful monsters on your team.

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