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Everwing: Dragon Evolution and Zodiac Symbol Guide

Everwing is Facebook Messenger’s insanely popular bullet hell shooter game, which gives you fairies and sidekicks galore. Your dragons level up and can evolve numerous times, making them more and more powerful every time. Zodiac symbols might seem meaningless at first, but they play significantly into evolving your dragons in the most efficient way possible. Read on for some tips and tricks on evolution and zodiac symbols in Everwing!

Evolving each dragon is pretty simple. First, you need to have two identical dragons. Your dragons need to be at level 10 before they can evolve. Once you evolve them, they will turn into one level 11 dragon. Then evolve the dragon again at level 20 by combining it with an identical level 20 dragon. So this takes 4 total base dragons.

First, as a newbie in the game, focus on evolving your common dragons. All of the common dragons are known for their brute force so despite being “common”, they’re very useful. Evolve your common dragons, level them high, and use their brute strength to ruin raid bosses and run up your scores in the single-player endless jaunts.

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The zodiac symbols play a role in permanently increasing each of your dragons’ power when you evolve them. If you evolve two identical dragons with two identical zodiac symbols, then the new, upgraded dragon will have more attack power. Don’t go selling off any of your commons until you have four identical ones with identical zodiac symbols, for maximum firepower after the two evolutions.

As for the rares and the legendaries, they come around far less often than the common ones do, but the rule is the same with them. Evolve two identical ones at level 10/20 to move up to the next star/evolution tier. Same thing with the zodiacs – bonus attack power when evolved. Oddly, rares and legendaries have less base attack power than commons, generally, but only because their side buffs tend to be far more effective.

Get more common dragons first because it’s extremely easy to find duplicates. All that you have to do is buy the cheapest egg over and over again – ignore the bronze eggs. For rares, go for the gold eggs primarily. Same thing for the legendaries although they are more rare. You can buy the legendary egg for a 100% chance at a rare but it’s typically better to buy gold eggs, which you can buy more of, and still have a high chance of a legendary duplicate.