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EverWing – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

When you hit the raid boss, the most important thing if you want to get the highest score is to figure out how best to avoid getting killed. Watch their patterns and the order that they launch their attacks in over a period of various times playing against them. The same boss will attack in almost the same order every time. The main difference will be those annoying meteors each time.

The armored goblin is an extremely annoying foe because it has a ton of hit points. Unless you have a massive amount of firepower, don’t even try to kill it. Just shoot around it and kill all of the other goblins. The armored one only gives you one experience point for killing it, just as the other goblins do. Ignore the armored ones and shoot around them.

The power ups are all important, but the most important one to pick up as you go is arguably the four-leaf clover. These will upgrade your fairy weapon to the next level for the entire rest of the stage when you pick them up. Pick enough of these up and you’ll be able to easily make it farther, past more bosses and past more goblins than you should be able to at your current fairy level.

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A glitch pops up sometimes when you’re collecting boss rewards, but it’s not every time. It’s common after the 5th raid boss, usually. Collect your reward, then at the screen where you pick one, once you find out what your reward is, double-tap close Facebook Messenger. Then open it back up and open EverWing back up, and there’s a chance that the reward will be back there again, allowing you to open infinite chests.

Make sure to collect the crystals whenever you see them. Purple crystals are worth 10 coins, red crystals are worth 20 coins, and blue crystals are worth 40 coins. They pop randomly out of goblins, but if you shoot and destroy a treasure chest, a ton of them will pop out. These are arguably the quickest way to beat your friends at high scores.

Evolving your dragons is the key step to powering them up. Once a dragon hits level 10, you will be able to evolve it, but you will need an identical dragon that is also at level 10. Evolve one of them, and the other one will be sacrificed, but the original one will grow FAR stronger. Dragons can be evolved three different times before they max out.

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