Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia is my.com’s sequel to the original Evolution: Battle of Utopia, and despite the similar name, it’s made a complete genre switch. While the first Evolution was a clicker RPG, this one is a third-person shooter with the same characters, enemies, and locations as the original game. You play as Captain Blake, but you can find your old partners from the first game, as well as many new ones.

You can load up on weapons, armor, and other equipment, while completing missions for rewards, earning money, and managing your energy so that you can play as often as possible. You’ll be able to cruise through levels, upgrade yourself and your equipment, and play against other players in PvP modes as well as against the game’s bot-controlled characters in campaign modes.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia!

Be sure that you’re paying attention during the tutorial. Don’t do the tutorial drunk, for example, or you might have to play through everything all over again. Battling is fairly easy to remember; it’s all of the other menus, options, missions, and extras that you need to remember. Because even though the game begins easy, it gets harder and harder as you go, making it all the more necessary to know the ins and outs of the game.

You can pick missions off the map; an easy way to know which ones are the main ones are to find the ones with an exclamation point. The main missions are the biggest source of progress, and will load you up with experience, scientific progress points, currency, resources, and more. Sometimes, though, it won’t be enough and you’ll need to go to the side missions for awhile in order to play and grind.

The endurance system is the prime reason why main missions are so much more important. If you had no energy limiter, you could play whatever you want with no limits, but endurance makes it so that your actions are best off spent on main missions and on battles that will complete your primary objectives. Side quests typically aren’t worth it in this game, but if you are stuck, about to log off, and want to waste endurance so you can recover it while you’re offline, play side quests.

Endurance is also used in the PvP mode when attacking someone else’s base. You use 15 endurance for deploying your troops in, and 5 endurance for launching an airstrike against another base. Once you get to a point where your enemies are beating you about half the time, start pre-scouting bases before attacking to make sure that your attacks are worth it.

Stamina, oddly enough, depletes while you’re in the middle of the level, whenever you move, but then regenerates when you quit moving. To use your stamina intelligently and stay safe, always keep an eye out for safe places and hiding spots. Hide away from enemy fire when you’re recovering, then when you have all of your stamina back, take off again.

You have two mining drones, so be sure to use those drones as often as possible to passively mine areas. You can unlock more drones by spending diamonds on them, so you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of time unlocking more mines until you can afford to buy more drones, but you will need to once your mining drones deplete a particular mine’s resources.

You can use the resources to upgrade three things, mainly: your guns, your defenses, and your helicopter. Upgrade the helicopter to go further and unlock all new battles farther down the map. Upgrade the defense to prevent other players from robbing and looting your base by deploying more troops, more gun towers, etc. Upgrade the weapons and your attacks will do more damage, which will also make battles significantly easier.

All kinds of research can be done in this game in order to get better weapons, armor, and more. Always have some research going when you’re playing, and when you’re not playing. If you’re planning to be offline for awhile but your research is almost done, set your push notifications so that you can be notified whenever research is done, so that you can start new research.

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