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Evolution: Heroes of Utopia – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia is a new clicker RPG by the same folks that made Evolution: Battle for Utopia. Graphically, the games are similar, but the method of play is completely different. You and your heroes fight against all manner of bosses, with tapping as your main method of attack, and you collect biofuel and several other forms of currency that you can use to power up. Read on for some tips and tricks for Evolution: Heroes of Utopia!

All of the heroes have various skills that you can open up once they hit levels 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600. If you want, you can bypass some of these skills by holding down on the Level Up button until the 10x and 100x options pop up. Hit one of those even if they are gray. If they’re gray, you won’t level up 10 or 100 times, but you’ll level up the max amount of times available. Buy the skill eventually though so that you can buy the skills above it.

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Once you hit sector 60, you’ll be able to teleport in the Technology menu, and when you do you will earn more Data Disks, which will enable you to purchase new technologies. In addition, when the daily boss battle pops up, beat that for more Data Disks. To beat the daily boss battle, upgrade your heroes several times first as the boss will be strong enough to beat you at the level you’re at when it appears.

Tap with more than one finger for extra tapping power. Evolution: Heroes of Utopia can read multiple taps at the same time, allowing you to mash the screen with as many fingers as you want at the same time (up to 10 fingers if you are playing on a big screen or have really small fingers) and it will read them. Use this to help you beat a tough boss when your heroes aren’t upgraded enough to do it for you. Just make sure to keep your commander upgraded.

If you lose at a boss battle, typically one of your heroes will go down for the count. Until then, either grind on the enemies or shut the game off and let the offline income rack up. Then use the online income on some serious upgrades, either to your commander or to your hero depending on your style of play, and take on the boss again until you win.

Your best way to earn free gems is to complete the achievements. Whenever you see an exclamation mark pop up next to the gems icon, that means you have some new gems to collect. Otherwise, you can go to the menu and see what achievements you can complete next. Also, gems often pop out of the floating balls of energy that pop up on screen, although biofuel tends to be more common.