EvoWars.io: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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EvoWars.io is a new Facebook Messenger game where you drop into an arena filled with other players and compete to get the highest score, like in Agar.io. You do this by eating dots, leveling up and evolving, and knocking off other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for EvoWars.io!

Right from the beginning, you’ll be tiny without much chance of knocking any other players out. At this time, your goal should be to avoid other players, eat dots, and gain a few levels. As you level up, you’ll increase in size, meaning that the range of your weapon will also increase, so you’ll be able to knock other players out more easily.

Everybody in this game is left-handed, so the left side is the strong side and the right side is the weak side. Keep your right side protected and clear. If someone approaches you on the right, turn around so that your left side faces them, so that you can hit them with your weapon if they try to attack you. Approach other players on the right in order to get them at their weak point.

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As you get bigger, you’ll have more of an advantage in attacking other players due to having more range, but you’ll also grow slower, too. Swing your weapon generously, because smaller players will come up to you constantly. You’ll move slowly, but you’ll turn quickly, so turn and swing as needed to knock out smaller (and similar-size) players.

Once per round, you will be able to watch an ad video in order to start back over from where you left off if you get knocked out. You’ll need a strong internet connection in order to have this option; if your connection is too weak, the video will have issues loading. Ignore this option if you get killed early, but use it if you get killed when you already have a good number of points and a lot of size.

Also, if you watch an ad video, you can activate bonuses such as the Minotaur bonus from the main screen. This bonus will mean that you earn double the experience and double the points when you reach the Minotaur level, which is level 23. Take this bonus whenever you see it, just in case you make it that far into the game.

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