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Extreme Fishing 2 for iPhone: How to get free Coins

Extreme Fishing 2 (also written as Extreme Fishing II) is a new fishing game for the iPhone, with all kinds of fun fishing action and light-hearted Engrish that will make any gamer smile. Coins are the premium currency in the game, and coins will allow you to buy all kinds of things, such as deleting the ads in the game, premium fishing lures, bait and reels, and even buying really nice boats that allow you to go more places and hold more (and bigger) fish. Normally you have to pay real life money for coins, but there are some ways to get them for free. Here’s how to get free coins in Extreme Fishing 2!

One way that you can get free coins in the game is simply to go fishing a ton. Go try to catch as many fish as possible. Sell or release them, stock up on all the supplies you need, then go try to catch some more. Every so often, you will catch a “coin fish”. This fish is, as the name says, worth a coin or coins, and so by finding and catching more of them, your total can add up.

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Another way to get free coins is to tap the button on the main menu (the map screen with the harbor, dockyard, etc) that says “FREE COIN”. When you tap this button, all kinds of free offers will pop up that will pay you in coins if you complete them. Some of them are free, while others require a free trial or some other monetery offer to complete, but find all of the free ones and sign up for them to get as many free coins as you possibly can.

If you log into Tapjoy on your browser and search for Extreme Fishing II or Extreme Fishing 2, you will find even more free offers for free coins, such as downloading some other game or app and playing it. Find the “Come Back to Tapjoy” action in the main offer screen for a shortcut to get there.