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EZ PZ RPG 3D – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

EZ PZ RPG 3D is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms, and is the sequel to the original EZ PZ RPG. The battling portion fo the game plays itself, for the most part; all that you have to do is manage everything behind the scenes, such as equipment, skills, pets, talents, and a whole lot more. Read on for some tips and tricks for EZ PZ RPG 3D!

When you come back from a long layoff, you will have a ton of equipment to either melt or use, and oftentimes your backpack will be completely full, though. Before you melt anything, though, go to the character area and try to swap out everything you have. If you have nothing or just weaker equipment, leave your current equipment alone, but if you find something that’s rarer or has better base stats, equip it and then refine and level it up to a suitable level for a huge increase in power.

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When you are actively playing the game, you actually do have a little bit of control in battles. To take control, go to the battle screen and you can either tap skills in order to use them, or you can enable auto-cast and the spells will cast automatically against any enemy you want to use them against. You’ll be in the battle menu often anyways in order to pick up bonuses and unlock chests.

One of the many bonuses that can be earned here is the pets bonus. If an egg drops, go to the battle menu and tap it to hatch a pet. Pet draws can be used for more pet fragments as well. Deploy the pet for an automatic power increase, then upgrade the pet using food (which can be earned during party battles or pet draws) for a far more powerful pet.

Wander around the menu and around all of the various buttons in order to find a ton of new bonuses. The events page is always loaded with current events and frequently has rewards for you to collect, often for doing absolutely nothing except for logging in. The talent feature allows you to unlock new talents to equip your character with for stat multipliers and boosts. Premium purchases, such as month cards and currency recharges, are here as well if you want to spend some money to upgrade faster and to earn a ton of gems.

PvP mode pits you against other players in the Arena area, and when you unlock it, you will be able to choose who to battle against. Always make sure that the auto-cast is enabled for speed of battle purposes, and pick someone who has a lower power level than you, but not too much lower. The higher the power level, the faster that you will advance in rank.