F1 Race Stars – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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F1 Race Stars is a new racing game for the iPhone and iPad. It can best be described as Mario Kart, but with F1 drivers, or at least cartoonish versions of them. There are a number of races that you can complete, from full-circuit races against 7 other opponents, to one on one races against a specific F1 driver. Read on for some tips and tricks for F1 Race Stars!

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There are three different methods of control in this game. One of them is by tilting, the other is by using a virtual joystick, and the third is by tapping on either side of the screen. Experiment with all three to figure out which one is the most comfortable and accurate to use for you. However, doing the power slides is the easiest in tilt mode.

You have three different quests to complete at a time, and whenever you complete three of them, you will gain an experience level. The higher your level is, the more CCs your engine will be, and the more CCs your engine is, the faster your car will go in any race.

Also, once you gain a level, you will be able to spin for an upgrade. Save your gems for this, and when you have 20 gems at a time, use them to purchase a legendary upgrade spin (the one on the far right). Then immediately equip that. As far as other upgrades, pick out the most useful ones for a specific track or just in general.

You have up to three energy at a time per driver. If you run out of energy for all of your drivers, go and set the date and time settings ahead in your phone or tablet, then go back to the game itself and you will have all of your energy refilled. If you set the time back to normal before you use all of your energy, your energy will still be there when you come back.

You can get free gems by connecting to Facebook or by rating the game. Either one will earn you 10 gems just for completing it. A cheat with the ratings quest though, is that if you tap “rate the app”, you don’t actually have to leave a rating. Just hit cancel and then go back to the game and your 10 gems will have automatically been placed in your inventory.

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