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Faily Brakes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Faily Brakes is a new iOS and Android endless driving game that puts you in control of a car that lost its brakes and is now barreling down the side of a mountain. Your goal is to keep that car going for as long as possible, and then when you crash, to launch your character as far as you possibly can. You can collect coins and then use them to buy new cars, also. Read on for some tips and tricks for Faily Brakes!

Your car will generally steer way too hard if you hold the left and right buttons, causing you to slide downwards, then cascade sideways later than you had wanted to, making it easy to crash. An easier way to turn the car is to go easy on the steering, tapping quickly over and over again on the same direction in order to gently steer it. The less chaos in your steering, the easier it will be to stay going for a longer period of time.

Every so often, you will get a free gift of coins. Every time you finish a stage, also, you will be able to earn coins by watching an advertisement video in exchange for some free coins. Plus, you can often find coins floating around in the levels themselves, although there really are not that many.

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If you want to launch your character as far as you can, generally, your best bet is to crash on a short rock or a tree stump. Your front tires will bounce over it, so that when your rear tires pass over, the back of your car will go flying, causing your character to be launched out of the car. You can often add 200 points to your score by launching your character correctly, especially down a hill. Or, if you land in the water, your car will explode and you’ll earn an extra sixty points.

Once you earn 100 coins you will be able to purchase a new car. The cars generally have the same performance characteristics as each other, but each one of them has a different weight balance, height, and footprint than the others. That means that some will crash where other ones will navigate the same obstacle without a problem.

To speed things along with the coins, just start and crash and start and crash immediately, so that the video for coins becomes available more quickly, because no matter how few points you earn in a round, the video player is always available every single time.