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Faily Rider – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Faily Rider is the sequel to Faily Brakes for the iOS and Android, adn like its predecessor, this game has you careening wildly down a hill, except this time you are on a motorcycle. All the same, it’s a motorcycle that you can barely control, and your goal is to avoid crashing, and when you do crash, to crash as spectacularly as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Faily Rider!

Your bike can be extremely difficult to handle, especially if you hold to the left or to the right for too long because it fishtails extremely easily. Instead, you’ll want to tap on the side of the screen that you want to steer toward. Tap gradually; don’t tap onto quickly or you might spin out of control fairly easily.

You can use coins to unlock new bikes and unlock new riders. One of the main ways to earn coins is from free gifts that you’ll earn over time. The other is form the video ads that you see every so often after you finish a level. Die quicker to make the video ads pop up quicker as they pop up after a random death reagardless of how many points you got.

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Once you finish watching the coin ad video, you will be able to watch an additional video, but instead of a coin this one will earn you a shield or a gun. The shield will allow you to run into an extra object before crashing and falling off of your bike. The gun will allow you to shoot objects such as cacti, blowing them up before you hit them and invalidating the danger that they would normally pose.

Even if you don’t have a motorcycle yet, you can test drive it at almost any time. Just go to the motorcycle selection menu and pick any bike that has a test drive option next to it (which will be most of them). Hit the icon and you’ll start a video. When the video is finished, you will get to ride the bikes for free.

You can test drive any one of them. They all drive the same, the premium ones just look a lot different than the standard ones. The Special bikes, though, can be test driven for free and have their own features. The Reynolds provides a shield boost and starts you with a shield and the Infinity starts you out with guns and gives you a gun duration boost.