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Falling Ballz – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Falling Ballz is the latest game in the Ballz series by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to drop balls downward to hit numbered obstacles. Each ball that hits the obstacle takes away one point, and when the obstacle loses all of its points, you knock it off of the board. You can collect gems and unlock new balls as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Falling Ballz!

To survive for as long as possible, try to knock off the top orb or obstacle first. Do a smart carom off of the obstacle, though; rebound the ball so that it bounces and hits as many other obstacles as possible. Be careful though because once you have multiple balls to shoot, you’ll end up bouncing them off of each other and missing your target.

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When you have a bunch of obstacles loaded up on one side, though, you can make easy progress lower on in the board by sending balls down toward the wall and bouncing them back and forth between the wall and the obstacles. You’ll get a whole stack of balls bouncing off of each other and off of every obstacle until many of the obstacles get knocked out and the balls fall through the hole left over.

For every round that you play, you will earn one ball for the pinball round. Hit the pinball button and you’ll go to a pachinko-type of game where you drop a ball down a board into a slot. The slot will either earn you free gems, or an extra shot. You can also watch an ad video at the end of the round for an extra shot.

Another easy way to earn gems is to go to the ball select screen and tap the video button. Each time that you watch a video through to the end, you’ll earn 50 free gems. Do this often enough to easily earn enough to unlock more balls. You can also earn two of them by following Facebook and Instagram links from inside of the ball select screen.

Once you die off for the first time in a round, you get a second chance in exchange for watching an ad video. Once the video is done you’ll start anew with the same score that you had before, but with the numbers on each obstacle corresponding to what your current score is. You can only do one second-chance video per round. Use it to earn a new high score especially when you have a good round going.