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Fallout Shelter: How to beat and defend against Deathclaws and Mole Rats

Fallout Shelter has just been updated, and the Android version has finally come out after a long awaited period of time. Now instead of just Radroaches and fires and Raiders, you have to deal with Mole Rats, which are not that bad, and Deathclaws, which are generally absolutely horrid and heinous and will take out a large number of dwellers in one fell swoop. Read on to find out how to deal with all of the Deathclaws and Mole Rats!

First thing to know about the Deathclaws is that they move in a pattern. They will start at the top floor, sweep every room, then go down a floor and sweep every room, and on and on until they finish with the bottom floor. They will move on regardless of if the dwellers are dead or not, so you can watch the pattern, move your dwellers out of the way, and even though the rooms will be destroyed, your dwellers will be okay.

Fighting them is easier to do with a lower level vault and lower average vault dweller level (they scale up depending on this) so if you want to fight them, arm the crap out of your top floor guys with your most powerful weapons. Make sure to have stimpaks and radaways aplenty if you want to fight them, or if you have a pregnant vault dweller, arm her with your best weapon and have her chase them around and blow the crap out of them, since pregnant chicks can’t die. If Bethesda fixes this glitch and pregnant chicks eventually become killable, then ignore this tip.

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If the room up top is a double or triple room, that makes this far easier. Load up the double or triple room with 4-6 dwellers, all with the best weapons and equipment that you have, then watch them crush the Deathclaws all in one room. If they are close to death and you have no Radaways and Stimpaks left, remove the weapons so that you can equip them on the dwellers on the next floor down afterwards. Or remove the weapons after the Deathclaws move on, so that your lower-level dwellers can be ready to deal with them.

If you want to keep them from ever showing up in the first place, then take a room that you don’t care about and rush it over and over and over again. When a disaster is going on, there will be no attacks from anyone, Deathclaws included, and fires are far easier to deal with than Deathclaws. Keep it in a state of constant disaster to keep the Deathclaws away.

As far as the Mole Rats go, they are far easier to deal with than the Deathclaws. Use the same methods that you would use to kill the Deathclaws, or to deal with the much weaker Raiders and Radroaches.