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Fallout Shelter: How to get more Dwellers in your vault

Fallout Shelter is all about getting dwellers (people) to come to your vault, but after the beginning of the game, the dwellers stop showing up to your vault. Luckily, it’s not anywhere near impossible to get more people/dwellers to come to your vault – you just have to know what to do to get them there. Rare dwellers are even better as they have insanely high SPECIAL stats. Read on to find out how to get more people to come to your vault in Fallout Shelter!

After the dwellers first stop showing up, your main way of getting more will be to stick dwellers inside of the living quarters, equal numbers male and female. They will start going into the private room together and when they come out, the female dwellers will end up pregnant. They will have babies, which will grow into kids, then teens, then adults, and they will be added to the dweller count.

Dwellers are more likely to breed if your resource bars stay high. If your resources are in the red, then they will breed less; if you can keep them in the green and keep water, food and power plentiful, then you will have a higher chance of your dwellers having children.

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Let them keep having children, and then as soon as you hit 22 dwellers you will unlock the radio station. Build one of these, and every so often, when you collect from it, you have a chance of a dweller appearing. Merge two or three radio stations together and/or upgrade your station(s) in order to increase the chances of more dwellers appearing.

Rare dwellers can also be a huge boost to your vault. You can earn rare dwellers by opening lunch boxes. Lunch boxes can be earned for free by completing the quests, or purchased using real life money in the IAP store. Let your rare dwellers go to bed with common dwellers (or even other rare dwellers) as while it’s not substantiated yet, the theory is that they will have kids with a higher chance of high SPECIAL stats.

On the other hand, want to get rid of some dwellers with low stats? Simply assign them to a room, rush it and let the rush fail over and over again until they die. Then tap them and remove them instead of revive them. Now you have more dweller space inside of your vault to play with!