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Fallout Shelter: How to get more Stimpaks and Radaways

Fallout Shelter has two items that can really help you when your dwellers are getting mauled by disasters, attacked by raiders, and ravaged by hunger and thirst. Radaways will get rid of the radiation, and Stimpaks will heal the damage that your dwellers will take over time. Radaways and Stimpaks can be a bit few and far between, but if you know how to keep them coming, you can earn a ton of them. Read on for some tips and cheats for more Stimpaks and Radaways!

Science labs need to be built in order to get more Radaways and Medbays need to be built in order to get you more Stimpaks. If you want to speed along the timers, then set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by however long it takes for it to cool off. Then go back to the game and you will be able to collect them. If you set the time back to normal, you won’t mess the timers up either, so win/win for you.

Merging rooms is the best way to keep the gravy train rolling when you’re not playing actively. Merge two or three of the Science lab and the Medbays together and it will take longer to get them ready to go (unless you have more dwellers assigned to each one). This is the best strategy if you don’t play all that often or you don’t check the game more than 3-4 times per day or so.

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You can upgrade your rooms at any time, but if you wait until after you merge rooms, the price-per-space for upgrading each room will drop considerably. The benefit-per-space will be just the same, but you will pay either (for example) 250 bottle caps for the first upgrade of a single room, 375 caps for a double room or 500 caps for the first triple room upgrade.

Dwellers need specific skills to excel at these two rooms. Intelligence, specifically, is the SPECIAL skill that has an effect on both of these rooms in particular. The higher the intelligence level of those who work in the room, the quicker they will produce Stimpaks and Radaways and the happier they will be while they are doing it.

Other ways to get Stimpaks and Radaways include opening lunchboxes and collecting them. They are never a guarantee coming from lunch boxes, but they are often included among the awards earned from them. Keep opening lunchboxes and you might find more and more of them.