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Fallout Shelter: Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Fallout Shelter is the hottest game to come out on the iOS platform, and soon the Android platform, since Candy Crush Soda Saga made its debut. This addition to the Fallout franchise lets you manage your dwellers inside of the vault, including canonical characters such as Eulogy Jones, as well as collect weapons, outfits, bottle caps, food, water, energy and all sorts of other goodies, such as lunch boxes. You want them to be as happy as possible and to grow a gigantic batch of vaults, but how do you do so? Read on for the top 25 cheats, tips and tricks for Fallout Shelter!

25) Have more than one vault.
Your first vault will likely be a hilarious comedy of errors, because it will be a learning experience, so make sure to start a second vault, and maybe even a third one. If you want more than that, then delete the vaults that you don’t want around anymore. Keep the ones that you want to continue on with.

24) Use the time lapse cheat.
Set the time ahead on your phone in order to skip all of your timers. Set it ahead by the longest timer, such as the one which earns you more stimpaks and Radaways, or the Radio Station. Do this trick as many times as you want to collect more of, well, everything.

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23) Complete objectives in order to earn free caps and more lunchboxes.
Objectives are the quickest and fastest way to earn more lunchboxes, entirely for free, and they can be a good source of caps as well. Focus on completing the objectives. If the only ones available are the ones which earn you caps, but you want lunchboxes, then complete them and more lunchbox quests will show up eventually.

22) Pass your strongest weapon around from person to person as needed.
This is the best way to fight against the Raiders and the Radroaches. When one or the other appears, take one person who is in the same room as the threat is, then give them a really freakin’ powerful weapon and they will be rid of them within literally seconds.

21) Pregnant women are literally superheroes.
Yep. Pregnant women cannot die, at all, unlike the rest of your dwellers. If you need to take care of a tough job, or fight off an infestation or a fire with only one person, send in the pregnant chicks and they will take care of it, however long they need to spend doing it, and they will not die. Just hope that they don’t give birth mid-battle or they might die!

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