Family Feud 2 – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Family Feud 2 is the sequel to the smash hit Family Feud and Friends for the iOS and Android platforms. This one packs all the fun of the original and adds all kinds of new questions and answers, but the core of the gameplay is much the same. You and your friends (or perfect strangers) play Family Feud question rounds together to try to get the highest scores. All that’s missing is Steve Harvey and his slow descent into insanity. Read on for some tips and tricks for Family Feud 2!

The auto-complete feature for typing answers is one of the biggest hints in the entire game when you’re looking for right answers. Typically, if you type two letter in and the autocorrect looks like a related answer, then that’s one of the answers. If the answer you’re looking for doesn’t come up somewhere within the first three slots, then it’s not going to be correct.

The same trick works for the fast money rounds as well. If the word doesn’t pop up on the autocomplete, it’s not one of the answers. Go back, delete it as fast as you can before time runs out, and type something new.

Despite this being a new game, some of the answers (especially the ones related to celebrities) are not necessarily going to be current. For example, for the question “Which celebrities are recognizable by their voices alone?” James Earl Jones will be one of them, but Benedict Cumberbatch will not be one of them. So for celebrity questions, think about celebrities that have been around since at least the ’90s.

Coins work as both the currency and the energy in this game. What that means is that you can earn coins and you can buy coins, or if you run out of coins, you can wait for them to come back on their own. If you connect on Facebook, you can also earn free bonus coins. Play against randoms as they usually are awful at answering questions, allowing you to win and earn coins more frequently.

There’s more ways to get free coins, too. Go to the in-app purchase store and you can complete offers from an offer wall to earn free coins. Plus, you can watch advertisement videos too, and for each one you watch, you will also earn coins for free. 100 coins is theoretically the maximum that you can earn, but you can always go over the maximum and stock up on coins so that you can keep playing indefinitely.

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