Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is TinyCo’s biggest game in years and is Family Guy’s answer to The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Your goal, just like in Tapped Out, is to rebuilt what is left of the burning remnants of Quahog after it’s been spontaneously destroyed in a fire, as well as to bring back all of your favorite characters from the show. Read on for some tips and tricks for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff!

-Every time that you complete an action with a character, you will increase their individual experience level, as well as earn coins and overall experience points.
-As their levels gain, they will unlock new actions. Certain actions will also unlock with added decorations (for example, Bonnie will be able to twerk when you buy the stripper pole)

-Tap on any character with an exclamation mark over their head, as that means they have a quest for you to complete.
-You can go off script any time that you want to and construct new buildings, and other goodies that can earn you fast coins and experience points. Go to the non character-specific building tab in the store to find offices, burger joints and other places that you can build as many of as you want.

-If you end up overcrowding Quahog by accident, you can tap and hold on any building, then stick it in storage. Go to the “Inventory” button inside of the menu screen to retrieve any building, decoration, or whatever you want to build. As of right now though, you can’t sell anything.
-Rearrange the buildings by hitting the button that looks like a plus sign with arrows. Tap any building, decoration or whatever that you want and then stick them somewhere else. Put them as close together as possible.

-Get rid of the roads to make even more space for buildings. Tap the roads “+ -” sign at the top of the rearranging screen in order to either build or destroy roads, for free.
-Look through different parts of the block that you can clear. They each cost a difference price – look for the ones that you can afford in order to speed up your quest to finding new characters and missions.

-The fastest way to earn coins is by doing the short term actions over and over for your characters, such as having Peter surf the bird or Chris find a new friends (which take a minute apiece) over and over. It’s tedious but it works. However, when you’re going to sleep or taking a long break from the game, set all of your characters to have long term tasks, such as Peter dancing the Shipoopi.

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