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Fantasy Forest Story – Full Breeding Guide: List of all breeding combinations, page 2

Glacial Griffin = water + earth
Ocean Owl = water + nature
Firefox = dark + fire
Planther = nature + dark
Chromadile = water + dark

Racmoon = fire + dark
Dream Bat = dark + earth
Chameneon = water + dark
Peamoth = dark + nature
Gargolem = dark + earth

Aurora Pegasus = plant + dark
Sea Drake = dark + water
Cosmic Phoenix = fire + dark
Crystal Unicorn = fire, nature, earth and water (all four of the elements)
Ancient Sloth = beat level 40 in battle mode

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Expect far more animals to evolve from the Crystal Unicorn once the developers decide to add some new ones in. Plus, hints have been dropped at possible three-element monsters and we all know that Team Lava isn’t going to let an iPhone game go without a lot of updates.

You can tell which one you are about to get based on how long the waiting time is until the egg hatches or until the breeding is done. The rarer the monster, the longer the breeding time will take. The longest is, of course, the Crystal Unicorn, which takes 44 hours to finish breeding.

If you are one of the big spender types, you can buy almost any of the rare animals that you want by using gems. However, most of us are not the big spender types, and there is really no reason to spend gems unless you’re rich. They take a lot less time than money to breed, even if they do take a lot of money.

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