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Fantasy Forest Story – Full Breeding Guide: List of all breeding combinations

Fantasy Forest Story is TeamLava/Storm8’s new fantasy game about raising animals. The real fun in this game is to breed the rarest of the rare monsters, which are done by taking the basic monsters, sticking them in the breeding garden, and letting them do their thing while you wait for them to make an egg, then waiting again while that egg hatches. Read on for the full list of breeding combinations for the rare animals in Fantasy Forest Story!

A note before I begin the list. Breeding combinations are based upon elements, not individual monsters. There are multiple monsters that can be bred using the same two-element combinations, regardless of who the original monsters are that you sent into the breeding lair, so it’s easy to figure out which combo is the right combo. Typically, though, it’s recommended to use two single-type monsters (such as Pyro Pony and Pandaffodil) to maximize your chances of getting the exact type that you want.

Plus, while this is the complete list, right now Fantasy Forest Story is a very new game. That means that monsters are due to be added to the game as you progress, meaning that this list will see future updates as more monsters show up in the game. Anyways, here is the full list of breeding combinations in Fantasy Forest Story.

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Pyro Pony = fire + fire (or is simply purchased from the store)
Pandaffodil = nature + nature (ditto above)
Rock Rhino = earth + earth (ditto)
Frostfang = Water + water (and is unlocked, and available in the store, when you reach level 10 and expand to the area where it’s hanging out)

Skyger = water + fire (or dark + dark)
Fairy Ferret = nature + fire
Plantlers = earth + nature
Armordillo = fire + earth
Bamboon = earth + nature

Rampage = earth + fire
Vinotaur = fire + nature
Grassquatch = earth + nature
Magmacore = fire + earth

Solar Simian = fire + nature
Rainguin = water + earth
Turtisle = water + nature
Iciclaw = water + earth
Aquatter = water + nature

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