Fantasy Forest Story – How to get free coins and gems

Fantasy Forest Story is TeamLava/Storm8’s newest creature-raising game for the iOS platform. Like all of their other games, there is a premium currency (in this case, gems) and a standard, more common currency, this being coins. Read on to find out how to get more of both of these currencies for free in Fantasy Forest Story!

The main way to get free gems is from your friends. Go to the social tab and start visiting random people, and then invite them to be your friend. Whenever someone accepts your friend request, you can send gems to them for free once a day. You can do this for up to three friends, and they can all send gems to you. Try to add people who don’t appear to have that many friends (usually the ones with a low social ranking) so that you have a better shot at being the one who gets the gems.

Another way to get free gems is from the achievements, which are in the menu that looks like a gold medal. Currently there are seven main achievement categories, with loads of different levels of that achievement, so work towards all of the achievements you see in here and you’ll load up on free gems.

A great way to earn both gems and coins is to participate in the battles. Level up your rarest monsters and then take them into battle with you, as the rarer the monster, the higher their statistics will be relative to their experience level. At various tiers you’ll earn huge quantities of coins and gems, but for the normal battles you will still earn a good amount of coins.

Monster habitats, of course, are your main way to earn coins, so max out on your monster habitats and the animals which are inside of them in order to earn coins as quickly as possible. Each time you gain an experience level, you can build one more monster habitat (most of the time), so as you level up, increase the amount of monster habitats until you are absolutely loaded with them.

Pick the right habitats and they will earn you loads more coins than others. Avoid the fire habitats if at all possible because they hold a small amount of coins. The rock and nature habitats, by conquest, earn a high quantity of coins before you have to collect from them.

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