Fantasy Forest Story – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Fantasy Forest Story is Storm8’s latest entry into the long-established Story series of games for the iOS and Android platforms. This iOS game, which plays like an unofficial sequel to Dragon Story, puts you in control of raising cute little monsters, collecting coins and gems, giving them their very own homes, feeding and breeding and evolving them, then sending them into battle! Read on for some tips and tricks for Fantasy Forest Story!

Your monsters collect coins overtime, and their habitats each hold a specific maximum amount of coins. Maximize your monster habitats, and focus on the ones which earn the most maximum coins. The Nature Preserve and Earth Plateau, for example, offer the best bang for the buck in that they hold high amounts of coins, while the Fire Field holds a low maximum. Use the grass and earth habitats for coin farming purposes, and stick your rarest breeds into these ones.

Need to make more room on your island? Sell off all of your cobblestone roads. They are totally unnecessary (buildings will still work without them), and if you still don’t have enough room after getting rid of all of the trees and rocks, clearing these will give you lots of extra room. Plus, you’ll earn coins for selling them as well.

Use the social tab to visit as many random people as possible. Tapping on their habitats not only speeds up whatever they’re doing (breeding, evolving, building, etc), but increases your social rating, which then causes you to appear higher on the social “community” list. This means that random visitors will pop up more often, causing all of your tasks to be sped up greatly.

Some evolved breeds are far rarer than others, despite having the same types of elements associated with them. You just have to keep trying in order to get the rarest of the breeds. The way to tell you got a rare one before you even finish is by how long the hatching or breeding takes – the longer it takes, the rarer a breed you’re going to get when it’s done.

Earn gems for free by completing the various achievements listed in the achievements menu. There are currently 21 total achievements, although more are certainly on their way with future updates to the game. Try to avoid spending gems on speeding up short tasks. Save them for the long tasks because they go a surprisingly long way (for each one hour of time that you cut past, you’ll only need to spend 1 gem).

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