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Faraway 3: Arctic Escape: All Levels Walkthrough and Guide

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is the latest in the smash-hit series of first-person escape games for the iOS and Android platforms. You start off in a level with absolutely no clue what to do, and you have to find your way out through sheer experimentation, looking around, and finding objects that can help you get out. Read on for the full walkthrough for Faraway 3: Arctic Escape!

Level 1: This one is the easy one. Drag the door down to open it. Once inside, flip the two switches to the opposite side in order to make the platforms appear. Tap to cross. Look to the left to see the pattern of the squares. Look all the way to the right and tap the matching squares from the left pattern. Back out and go up the staircase. Look to the left and spin the wheel until the square shaped tile appears. Tap the tile to grab it and back out, then go to the exit door and place the square tile in the diamond shaped space above the door, and exit the level.

Level 2: Drag the door latches away from the door, then enter. Look to the left and climb the latter, then move each switch to the right to raise the segments of the staircase until they all connect to each other and to the platform above. Pick up the circle tile on the ground near the switches. Back out and place the circle tile in the space above the door to the right. Move the yellow latches over the orange slots at the end of each track, then go inside, grab the handles, and raise them up by the number that the door says (2, 3, 1, 4). When the platform lifts up, move the yellow handle to the left and grab the square piece. Back out then go up the stairs and place the square shape inside of the diamond tile and exit.

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Level 3: Go left and drag the covers away from the hole in the pillar. Grab the tile. Back out, then go to the right. Grab the right handle and tilt the platform until the tile falls to the right, then grab it. Back out and go up the hill to the door. Place them in, then grab each of the three yellow handles and open the three door segments. Walk through the door and go to the new area. Go left, then stand all four yellow slabs upright. Cross the new bridge, pull the covers open, and grab the tile in the pillar. Back out to the middle, then go up the stairs and use the four handles to move the triangle to the wide orange space. Grab it. Back out and go to the right and place the triangle, then the square, and go through the door.

Level 4: Go to the left then pull the left handle by the door. Tap the ice to break it, then pull the right handle and get the tile inside. Put the tile in the square space, then go upstairs and in the door. Look left and move the tile to the left side on the wheel. Move the dark circle using the arrows, and turn the circle pieces as needed to guide the dark ball to the other side. Grab the double-triangle/bowtie tile, then back all the way back out. Go to the downstairs door on the right, then put the bowtie tile in the space. Move the yellow handles to the orange spaces to open the door. Make the puzzle inside match to get the tile. Back out and pull the tile out of the square space, and put the two tiles in the triangle space. Go upstairs again. Do the next wheel and match the next puzzle. Grab the square tile. Go back downstairs and pull the two tiles out of the triangle space. Put one tile in the square space, then pull it out when the staircase is level with the door. Go upstairs and place the square in the diamond space above the door and exit.

Level 5: Grab the pickax, then move the square into the square-shaped space on the puzzle, then walk in. Go left, then use the pickax to break the ice and grab the H-shaped tile. Back out, go to the right, then place the H tile in the space. Then use the arrows to move the square into its space. Go through the door, then go forward once. Break the rock with the pickax then grab the tile and back out to the four-way intersection. Tap to the right and place the square in the space again. Grab the second tile. Back out and go to the left side of the four-way intersection. Place the two tiles in their spaces. Go in. Use the center four-shape diagram as a guide. Go right and place the two shapes in the same part of the board as they are on the diagram. Back out, go left, and do the same thing. Go to the left and move the square into its space (tougher because it’s on a four-sided pillar). Grab the square tile. Back out and then go to the right. Place the tile inside the diamond space and exit the level.

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