Farm Story 2: How to get more nails, shovels, hammers, pickaxes, expansion permits, and other supplies

Farm Story 2 has a sheer wealth of supplies that one can collect in order to go further in the game. Land deeds, expansion permits, and old maps are the expansion trifecta – every time that you want to buy an expansion, you’ll need these. Bricks, paint, screws, nails, wood planks and hammers are needed in order to upgrade your barn and your silo. Shovels, pickaxes, and saws are needed to clear debris off of your lands. Read on to find out how to get more of all of these!

The main way to get all of the supplies you need is to fly more deliveries. The game tells you that you’ll need to do this. The more deliveries you complete, the more supplies you’ll earn, so make sure to always have all of your crafting buildings, your farm plots and your animal pens running on full tilt so that you can gather enough supplies to make this happen.

Some of the achievements that you complete will earn you supplies as rewards. Usually, they’ll just earn you coins, or if you’re lucky, diamonds, but many times you’ll earn supplies as well.

Once you unlock the side store (if you haven’t, increase your experience level to 5 and then expand to it), you will be able to buy items from other people’s stores, and sell items from your own stores. Always check other people’s stores to see what they are selling. Visit other people in the community area, and then tap on their stores to enter; or visit your neighbor’s stores. Add as many neighbors as possible for easy access to see what they are selling.

Shortly after you unlock the store, you can unlock the news stand. The news stand will allow you to “read the newspaper”, to see random items that are for sale. Look for supplies here, and refresh the newspaper by either paying diamonds or by setting the time ahead on your phone.

Finally, you can buy any of the supplies that you need using diamonds, if you want to. There are so many ways to earn supplies without diamonds, though, that you shouldn’t need to spend any.