Fast and Furious 6: The Game Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats and strategies

Fast and Furious 6: The Game is a new app by Kabam for the iPhone, iPad and Android that’s (obviously) based on the movie of the same name. Currently it’s out on the iOS, with an Android release coming later on. Fast and Furious 6: The Game plays much like the other smash hit driving game, CSR Racing, in that your races are based around timing your shifts correctly, but you have to time your drifts correctly too. Like CSR, you also have real cars (in this case, mostly those featured in F+F 6 the movie), and can upgrade everything from their appearance to their performance. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fast and Furious 6: The Game.

Timing everything correctly can be tricky in this game, but once you know exactly when to time everything, it will be simple. For timing your launch for a perfect launch, hit the launch button at the EXACT moment that the green “GO” symbol pops up at the beginning of the race. To get a perfect shift, shift when the needle on the tachometer is in between the last number on the tach and the redline mark. Each perfect shift and perfect launch that you get earns you coin bonuses, as well.

For drifting, it gets a little bit more dicey. You have to watch the road for this, not just the buttons, and time your drift to hit when your car is entirely inside the light blue patch that represents the drift point. HOLD the drift button when you hit it (don’t let go) and release it at the exact moment that your car crosses the end of the drift point. Ignore the tachometer while you’re drifting, as it is of no use.

If you are hitting all of the shift points perfectly, hitting your launch perfectly, and hitting all of your drift points perfectly, and exiting the drift just the right way for a boost, and you still can’t beat a stage, make sure that you are using your NOS at the right point. The best time to use the nitrous is when your acceleration starts to slow down and your car’s speed is leveling off.

If that still doesn’t work, then go play easier stages. Spend all of your fuel, and beat all of the stages, and you should end up with enough money to buy an upgrade. Alternatively, ignore ALL upgrades, focus on the easy stages (so that you can actually win) and save up money for a better, more powerful car that wins races even without upgrades.

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