Fat Princess: Piece of Cake – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

By | October 20, 2014

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is a new match-three puzzle RPG by Sony based off of the famous/infamous RTS franchise for the Playstations. This one takes a tack much more like Marvel Puzzle Quest, mixing the matching gameplay of a Candy Crush Saga type of game with RPG battling to make for a unique, challenging and whimsical addition to the iPhone and Android gaming pool, with troops to defeat and gold and diamonds to collect. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fat Princess: Piece of Cake!

There are multiple different tiles that you can clear during a battle, so clear them depending on need. Red, orange and yellow tiles (sword, bomb and gun) unleash attacks, while your blue heart tiles restore health to your troops. Green diamond tiles will earn you diamonds (main currency), and purple cake tiles will charge up the princess’ smash attack.

Match four tiles in a row to make a special tile, which transforms all of the tiles surrounding it into the same tile for a huge combo when activated. Five in a row matched up together makes a rainbow tile, which, if you mix it together with a tile, knocks all of that color off of the board. Mix it with another rainbow tile to clear every piece, or with a special tile for huge effect.

Any time that you get stuck on a stage, go back to the last stage that you beat (or that was easy to beat) and go for extra diamonds. Then you can use those diamonds to upgrade your team, which will increase both their attack power (or in the case of the priest, healing power) and their life.

Make multiple combos in one turn, and you’ll line up attacks, and if you do this with special pieces, you’ll create a cascade. Cascades are necessary if you want to three-star battles where damage done is the indicator of how many stars you get. Then again, so are princess attacks.

Challenge stages can be insanely difficult, but remember their location so that you can go back after you become tough enough to actually beat them. They tend to have better rewards than normal stages, so if you are going to spend gold coins, spend them on the slots following a victory on a challenge stage.