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Fate/Grand Order – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Fate/Grand Order is a new mobile turn-based RPG with card elements for the iOS and Android platforms. You get to progress through the story, which is based around the Fate/stay night visual novel, jumping around from quest to quest at your leisure, and bouncing around from mission to mission. You can collect three-, four- and five-star rare cards, battle using all manner of skill and strategy, and collect and use your Saint Quartz. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fate/Grand Order, or Fate/GO!

There’s a ton of battle techniques that you have to remember in order to be as effective as you can in battle. One of the most important is to keep an eye on the critical stars for your cards. The more of them that you use at a time, the more chances that you have of a critical hit, which can do far more damage to the enemies.

However, it can be an even bigger damage boost to make a chain. To make a chain, use three cards of the same color. Also, the first card that you pick is the most important card, because the color of it will change the type of effect that it has. Red will increase the attack power of all cards. Green will increase the amount of critical stars that you pick up. Blue will fill up the Noble Phantasm gauge faster.

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You have a TON of missions to complete in this game, and you can complete them in almost any order that you want to. Complete the master missions first, because they are the ones most likely to give you premium rewards. If you finish or if they are too tough, go for the daily quests since they are time-limited. After that, hit up the standard sets of quests.

In this game, your cards don’t gain levels when you battle; instead, you have to power them up with other cards. Use your more common, one-star cards to level up your rarer, 3-5 star cards. If you get a duplicate of a card, you can fuse the two of them together in order to upgrade the Noble Phantasm of the gaining card.

Use the law of tendencies to get an even bigger advantage in battle. Sabers beat lancers, lancers beat archers, and archers beat sabers. In addition, riders beat casters, casters beat assassins, and assassins beat riders. Getting a double advantage against a specific enemy will make for a VERY powerful attack.