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Feed Your Monster! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Feed Your Monster! is a new “tap to win” app by Three Minute Games, a company whose name is also a very good descriptor for the kind of games they make. The premise here is similar to Cookie Clickers and Tap Titans, in that you tap in order to get food, and then you spend food in order to purchase new food (worth more food) and helpers (who get you more food automatically), as well as storage so that you can store food while you sleep. Read on for some tips and tricks for Feed Your Monster!

The more storage that you buy, the more food your monster collects over time whether you are on or off line, but you can fill all of the storages immediately and collect it all at once. Simply set the time on your phone ahead by around half an hour or so, and when you go back to the game all of the food storages will be full. Collect from them to empty them. Repeat this trick as many times as you want.

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The one catch is that if you set the time back to normal, the food storages will go into the negatives because all of the collected food will reverse itself. The best way to use this trick to your advantage is to set the time back to normal, collect from the storages so that the food goes WAAAAY into the negatives, then wait for one of those popups that says “you lose 50 percent of your food unless you watch an ad” via burp, hiding your monster or whatever. Take the non-ad option and you’ll lose 50 percent of your negative food number (meaning that you will gain food).

Buying the helpers and buying the different food types are the two main ways to earn more food while playing the game. Alternate the two for awhile until you hit around 9 figures in the food. Then put more importance into the helpers most of the time, as the helpers at this point earn you far more food per second than the tapping (new food types) at this point. Upgrade the new food types as you’re easily able to.

One of the big advantages of the new food types, though, is that when you tap on any of the bubbles, vehicles or whatever else you see that flies by, you earn more food. Any time that they fly by, you will earn 10x one tap’s worth of food if you tap them. This number is multiplied even more by whatever the current multiplier that you have is. So if you have a 4x multiplier and you tap a 10x icon, you earn 40x food for tapping one of those bubbles, vehicles or tornadoes.

Sometimes you will see ads pop up for games that aren’t even in your country’s app store, which is something that I’ve never seen in a game (US region). If you do, you won’t be able to download it normally, but if you switch your iTunes account to a different address in Canada or a different country you will be able to go to their app store. Once you do this you will be able to download that game.