Feevo Blaze for Facebook: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Feevo Blaze is a new entry in the ever growing field of Facebook puzzle games. Like many other puzzle games for Facebook, this is a game where you have to match up at least three blocks of the same color, and when you match up those three blocks of the same color, they disappear from the screen and earn you points. Of course, you can earn more points if you match up more than 3 blocks, but three is merely the minimum. If you’re good enough, it’s even possible to score more than 1,000,000 points per game. Read on to find out how to do just that, how to get more energy and how to beat your old high scores at Feevo Blaze!

In Feevo Blaze, if you have no power ups at all, you can still jack up your score to ridiculous levels, by filling the bar at the top of the game screen, the blaze bar, up until it says “MAX BLAZE”. Each time that you knock out a combo of three or more blocks, your blaze meter will go up, but the more blocks you knock out at the same time, the more you will fill up the blaze bar.. If you can set off chain reactions from your combo, then your blaze bar will increase RAPIDLY. The easiest way to set off a chain reaction is simply to either make a combo of 4 or more blocks, or to make a combo involving a blaze block (a block with a yellow glow around it). The more blocks you displace with a combo, the better and the higher your chances are of creating a huge chain reaction.

To use bombs, they don’t have to be a part of a combo. When a bomb appears on your game screen, simply click it and it will blow up. Trying to use a colored bomb as part of a colored combo will only mess you up and will actually destroy less blocks than it would if you just clicked it. To get a bomb in Feevo Blaze, make a combo of at least 4 blocks, with one of those blocks being a Blaze Block (surrounded by yellow) and the “blaze block” will turn into a blaze bomb. Then, you can click the bomb and use its power to your advantage to destroy as many blocks as possible. The more additional blaze blocks you have, the more blocks get destroyed at the same time, but without any extra blaze blocks on the screen, you will destroy all blocks that are the color of the bomb (for example, blue bomb kills off the blue blocks), which will lead to far more chain reactions.

That’s all for now! More tips? Comment!