FIFA 14 (iOS/Android) FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

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The “Ultimate Team” mode is where things really begin to take off. This is where you can get started building your own squad and putting them into play in the various tournaments and seasons that you’ll encounter. The first place that you’ll want to go is the Quick Game mode, as this starts off in beginner mode and allows you to earn coins (the normal currency of the game) and play without having to worry about your win/loss record.

Here, you get to play against whatever team you choose. The higher the star rating of the team, the more difficult that they will be to beat. At the end of the game, you will earn coins and experience points. Coins will depend on your performance – for example, if you score goals or have more time in possession or shots on goal, you will earn more coins, but if you give up goals or draw red cards and yellow cards, you will lose coins. These matches are a great way to start because the coins that you earn will go towards building your teams.

Being a master at controlling your players will only go so far in this game. You start off with all bronze players, but as you soon find out, you can upgrade to silver and gold players. One way to do so is by buying card packs with coins or with FIFA points (the premium currency of the game), while another way to do so is by tabbing over to the Transfers tab. Here you can engage in eBay-style auctions for cards, buying and selling, bidding and creating auctions, and even using the “buy it now” option to engage in instant gratification.

There are six classes of cards that you can have – bronze, rare bronze, silver, rare silver, gold, and rare gold. The higher the class of cards, the higher the rating of the card will be, with the “rating” being the combined average score of all of the player’s stats. Having a statistically superior team is one thing, but it is FAR from the “only” thing.

You also need to have chemistry on your team. This is done by matching players to their preferred positions, and by matching players of the same nationality. You will get a chemistry bonus when two players who are from the same country are playing next to each other. You will get an additional chemistry bonus when you match a player to their preferred position. You can choose from many different formations in order to try to match your team up as best as possible.

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