FIFA 14 (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

FIFA 14 is the latest in the long running soccer series by EA Sports. This series has been running on consoles since the 1990s, and the entries that have been out on iOS and Android have been remarkably true to form, at least as far as touch screen mobile games can go. You can create your own team in this game, get gold, silver and bronze player cards to build your team, much like Big Win Soccer, and then play games against real life teams in almost any soccer league that you want. Read on for some tips and tricks for FIFA 14!

There are two different control types in this game. The touch controls will give you an actual minimum amount of control, as the running is automatically done for you, and control is limited to some touch and swipe commands for passes and kicks. The traditional control scheme will allow you to fully control your players.

At any time that you want to, go to the settings menu, except for in the middle of the game, and you can change the difficulty level. Beginner is the default difficulty level, and is arguably the best choice for figuring out all of the various control tricks, such as the various skills and different types of shots. Whenever you feel like you have a good grasp of the skills, trick passes, and shots, then go back to the higher difficulties.

Once you get into the Ultimate Team mode, you will be able to earn gold and buy card packs, and build a team of your own. Go into the market and look for cards that are being auctioned off. Buy gold cards when you can afford them. Otherwise, spend your gold on bronze and silver card packs, fill in your team with the new gold cards, and then auction off the ones that you don’t need in order to earn some extra coins.

Experiment with your team formations in order to figure out how to get the best chemistry. You’ll be able to open up new positions by changing up the formation (such as CDA/CMA or LB), and putting your players in the right order will allow you to maximize chemistry. For a big chemistry bonus, make sure that every player on your team is from the same country.

If you aren’t happy with the way that your team is playing, but you don’t want to affect your season record, play in the quick match games until you earn enough to upgrade and until you have practiced your team strategy enough to be able to execute it consistently. Pass frequently and quickly in order to move the ball faster than opposing defenders can get to it, and take as many good shots on the goal as possible. Get the goal power bar up to yellow in order to make the shot almost every time.

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