FIFA 14 (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3 – Even More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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When you play in easier matches (beginner matches against fairly easy teams), your best strategy to rack up the goals is to take off in a dead sprint, modify your run slightly to avoid defenders, and then shoot when you are in range. However, as the total difficulty and team difficulty increase, you’ll have to start playing a heavy passing game. In that case, avoid forward runs as possible, try to find someone to pass to, and pass to them.

Pass over and over and slowly make your way towards the goal, and then shoot when you are in range and a defender is out of the way. To increase your chances of making a goal, shoot when the bar is in the yellow. If the bar gets into the orange or the red then the ball will often sail right past the goal, but if the bar is in the green then it will be a soft shot.

Pause and tap the “help” button whenever you need a reminder of the control, and of special tricks that you can do (such as doing a chip shot by swiping up on the “shoot” button).

Also, stay on the lookout for “team of the week” cards. They usually appear in the card packs, but sometimes they even show up on the transfer market. Sell them on the transfer market if you are looking for a way to make a few quick bucks. Team of the week cards appear as shiny versions of other cards in the game.

Use some wise arbitrage in order to earn a ton of coins. Buy cheap gold cards at prices of 800 to 1,000 coins. Then, put them back on the market with a minimum bid of at least 1,500 and a buy it now price of at least 2,000. If you want to sweeten the pot beforehand, then use a few training cards on the gold cards. Selling off your team of the weak gold cards at sky high prices is another way to earn back everything you spend on gold packs, as well.

A good way to score goals against tougher teams is to try to draw penalties in order to weaken their team. Oftentimes you can draw a penalty by sprinting right at a defender and letting them ram into you or slide into you. If you draw a yellow card, you have a chance of earning a penalty kick, which is an easy way to score a goal.