FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (iOS/Android) – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies, Page 3

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5) Look to the underrated and underappreciated leagues for great deals.
Stay away from the English Premier League if you want great players for low prices. Look for players from other leagues that EA has underappreciated, such as Bundesliga, or leagues that are not in Europe and/or are in countries that you might not expect. Maybe try looking in leagues from Mexico, Africa or the Middle East or other South American nations.

4) Play against the Team of the Week for a deceptively easy win.
Yes, this is much easier than you would imagine because the Team of the Week is almost the only computer controlled team that you will fight against which has less than perfect chemistry. Since it’s an agglomeration of the best players in the league, without a thought to chemistry, they could all be very poorly matched with each other.

3) How to get FIFA Points
Look for events later on in the game that will earn you FIFA points. Right now, there is absolutely no way to earn them in the game, aside from only to buy them with your own real life money. Don’t worry about them though, as you really do not need them for anything that you can’t use coins for.

2) Choose a lower difficulty level and a short time to earn the most coins.
There is a difficulty modifier on your total coins, but the extra bonus coins from doing actions such as shooting goals, time of possession, complete passes and whatnot, makes all of the difference here. There is no time limit modifier so you can mess with the time of each half and you will end up winning the same amount of coins per match as you would with a long game.

1) The Chemistry cheat
Chemistry will carry over from one player to the other when that player is switched out for a substitute. Send in players with perfect chemistry to start the match, and then when the chemistry is locked in, swap out all of the bad players and replace them with the star players. The perfect chemistry will still be there left over from the starters.

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