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Fifa 15 Ultimate Team (mobile): Top 15 Tricks For Easy Money, Coins and FIFA Points, Page 2

10) Check on the market value of your cards before you stick them on the transfer market.
That’s how you know where to price the card. Go look at all of the other cards of this price that are of the same player, and price your card somewhere in the middle of these cards. Then wait for it to sell. Price it too high and it won’t sell, but price it too low and you risk not making a profit.

9) Set your auction for a longer amount of time.
Set the auctions as long as possible for each of the cards that you put on the market, simply so that characters have more time to sit around while other players bid on them. The rarer the card, the longer it should be on the market, especially for legendary, special and rare cards, or for team of the week cards.

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8) Play in the season mode for more huge bonuses.
Season mode pits you against other soccer teams (football teams), and the more of them that you play, the more money that you earn (and of course, winning is where the real money comes from.) and when you finish a season, you earn more rewards based on what position you finish in. So essentially, fairly similar to the tournaments, minus the time-sensitive bit, and more like real soccer seasons.

7) Set the games to do a quick simulation.
If you are going AFK for any extended period of time (or just minutes), do this and the game will play out automatically with various highlights here and there, and you will finish a quick game automatically. This will earn you a lot of coins in a very small amount of time for absolutely zero effort of your own put out, so do this any time that you can’t feasibly play an entire game all on your own. All of the same bonuses can be earned.

6) Pay attention to which players are hot in footy this week.
EA Sports picks the players of the week, the games of the week and the teams of the week based upon real life events. Do your best to stay ahead of the game. This means pay attention, purchase players who are having a hot week, and then sell them once their value is at its highest.

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