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Fifa 15 Ultimate Team (mobile): Top 15 Tricks For Easy Money, Coins and FIFA Points, Page 3

5) Play an Arbitrage game in the Transfer Market.
Buy low, sell high. Look at the market value of a specific card, and then go to the market, find the ones at the lowest bidding prices and start placing bids. Put them on the market for a slightly higher value later on (again, not too high or they will not sell). Repeat as often as you can until you get stupidly rich.

4) Complete as many missions as possible.
Tab over to all of the tabs in the mission area and then scroll around until you find tasks that have been completed, and then collect from them. Then find out the tasks that have not been completed and finish them so that you can get more coins. As you complete more missions, even more other missions will popup.

3) Load up on Irish players a few months before St. Patrick’s day.
This is the epitome of buying low and selling high because Irish players’ prices SKYROCKET as you get closer to St. Patty’s day. This is a FIFA tradition, but look for other holidays to have similar increases, though not to the same degree because they can be so nation-specific.

2) Pay attention to the players who are gaining the most popularity for any reason at all.
For example, look at it this way. Did some player become the subject of an internet meme and go viral? Get them. Did a player play in the world cup? Get them. Do you think you’re going to end up with a team of the week player next week or even next month? Acquire them. Then auction them later for far more coins.

1) Purchase FIFA Points with money or with gift cards.
Unfortunately there is no way to get FIFA points within the game itself, but it doesn’t really matter too much, because FIFA points can only be spent on the same things that coins are spent on, such as player card packs. So no need to stress over that.

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