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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (iOS/Android) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is the latest mobile iteration of the storied footy/soccer franchise by EA Sports. The mobile version of the FIFA games centers around the Ultimate Team mode, familiar to fans of the console versions of the franchise, where you buy, sell, trade, and barter for players in order to make the best possible team that you can, and put them all under the banner of your favorite soccer team. Read on for some tips and tricks for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team!

When building up your team, you’re going to come across a lot of useless, or seemingly useless, players. Bronze players won’t make much of a dent in the store, so your best bet is to trade them using the player exchange. If you really want to try your luck in the transfer market, you may find a player willing to pay a cheap price in an effort to organize players together who are all on the same team or the same nationality.

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If you connect to Facebook, you can access the transfer market, which is best for buying and selling players. You can organize them by rarity (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and with enough coins, you can pick up some really rare players without having to spend any FIFA Points (the premium currency of the game).

When building your squad, make sure you aren’t just searching by rarity, because chemistry is just as important. To get the chemistry right, there’s a few pieces of the puzzle to know. You want players who are on the same team, who are the same nationality, and you want as many of your players to be in position as possible. Change the formation in order to accomodate player positions so that you can maximize the chemistry. Look for the line that connects two players in the formation to be green. Yellow means okay chemistry, and red means that the chemistry is not good.

None of this matters, though, if you don’t actually do a good job when playing the game. There are loads of different options in the settings menu that you can use to tailor the controls exactly how you like. From there on, master the selection of your choice, so that you can dominate the field and take control of the match. Even if you are having a hard time scoring, taking control is important; it makes it tougher for the other team to score.

You can purchase player packs, most of which only require you to spend coins (only the rare pack requires FIFA Points), from the main store if you aren’t finding what you need on the transfer market, or you want some players as bait so that you can transfer them and load up on the coins. Buy low and sell high in the transfer market. For tough matches, especially for the tournaments, buy consumables; they’re cheap and they can make all the difference between a tough win and a loss.