Fight List 2 – Categories Game: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Fight List 2 is the sequel to the smash hit Fight List for the iOS and Android platforms by Voodoo. Your goal in this game is to find the right answers, all of which will begin with the same letter, for five different questions. You get points based on the rarity of your answer, and if you answer 5 out of 5 questions right, and your goal is to beat other players, whether they’re randoms or your actual friends. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fight List 2!

To begin with, practice by starting against random players. You’ll have to come up with answers quickly for some questions that require very obscure answers, so you will have to keep typing quickly. You’ll have to think quickly, and the questions will be hard to think about.

When you finish a round with unanswered questions or with wrong answers, go to the computer and google the answer to a question that you missed – for example, if you miss “fruit that starts with T”, google that exact phrase and see what answers you come up with, so that you can jog your mind for either the next time that you get that question, or even for when you get a similar question with a different letter.

As you build confidence, log into Facebook and start battling against your friends. Fight List 1 was a gigantic hit, so it’s a sure bet that many of your friends who played that will either be playing Fight List 2, or will be interested in playing it if you invite them to the game.

You can use one hint per turn by hitting the light bulb button in order to fill in the answer automatically. The fill in answer will be a one-point answer, so it won’t be a rare one, so wait until you absolutely cannot come up with the answer to a question in order to use a hint on it.

Often, an obvious answer will not be accepted by the game, so you will have to get a bit creative to come up with a backup answer – for example, at the current moment, if you get asked for a male music artist beginning with a G, the game will not accept “Gucci Mane” as a valid answer. So try to have a backup answer in mind, at least until the developers catch up with pop culture.

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