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FightBack – Tips and Tricks Guide – Cheats, Hints and Strategies

FightBack is a new beat em up type game for the iOS and Android by Chillingo and Ninja Theory. The evil Drago has kidnapped your sister and hired every single gang in the city to try to kill you, so your goal, naturally, is to beat up all of the gangsters in your quest to get her back and kill Drago. You’ll be able to earn cash and gold along the way, which will allow you to buy a nearly endless assortment of upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for FightBack!

Your stamina runs out as you play round after round, and normally, you have to either spend gold to get it back, or simply wait for it to come back. You can skip both of those, though, by simply setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet. Set the time ahead by about five minutes per energy point that you need to restore. Then go back to the game and start playing again. You can do this as many times as you want to.

Defense is just as important as attacking, if not moreso. Once you begin a combo on an enemy, you can typically pummel them without worrying about counterattacks – it’s other enemies that are more of a pain. Watch when another enemy is about to attack and avoid their attack by ducking or jumping, depending on what their attack is. Or, kick them into the air by swiping up diagonally and then beat them up while they are in midair.

If you get stuck on any stage, go downtown and beat up gangsters for awhile to collect more cash and gold. Make sure to tap any moneybags and other bags that they drop, though, or else it will disappear and you won’t earn it. And, depending on how far you’re able to get on the downtown area, you might not even earn as much cash as you would if you simply played a tough stage and lost.

Test different attacks by swiping in different directions. You can pull off extra powerful attacks this way. If you are on a time limited stage, though, try to use simple punches as you main killing method, since they are the quickest.