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Final 5: Survival – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Final 5: Survival is a new roguelike survival game for the iOS and Android platforms, and is the first game to take this extremely popular genre into the 3-D realm. You play as one of a multitude of heroes, and you can earn coins, diamonds, all sorts of rare equipment, and more as you progress through the stages.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Final 5: Survival!

There are many heroes in this game, each of whom comes equipped with their own specific weapon. some of them can be unlocked with diamonds, some of them can be unlocked with micro transactions, and some of them can be unlocked by completing specific tasks within the game. The best hero for you depends on your favorite type of attack.

You can upgrade your main weapon by spending gems, though. Simply go to the skins area inside of the character menu, and you can change out their weapon with an alternative weapon, which will give you extra tech power.

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In addition to that, you can also give your character all sorts of equipment, ranging from common to rare to epic to legendary and beyond. This equipment can be found in stages, as well as by going to the store and purchasing equipment boxes. You can also periodically get most of these equipment boxes for free.

You can unlock all sorts of weapons skills by picking them up whenever you level up inside of a stage. Generally, you should go for the skills that are best for dealing with mobs, rather than bosses; mobs are significantly tougher to beat when they get extremely numerous and heavy, so skills with a larger area of a fact are going to be your best bet.

Each skill also has its own evolution. All that you have to do is upgrade your skill to the highest level, then have the required passive skill that the active skill needs, and once you level up again, the evolution of that active skill is likely to be one of your options. This will not only give your weapon more power, but completely change the nature of the attack in most cases.

Be sure to collect all possible rewards; if there is a free reward available inside of a menu, then there will be a red dot next to the icon. Tap the icon and look around for all possible free rewards until the red dot goes away.

Be sure to spend coins upgrading your abilities, as well. Abilities are unlocked randomly, but they will have a permanent effect on all of your characters, making them extremely important.

If you open a piece of equipment and you don’t see it in your equipment screen, then that means the equipment is meant for one of the characters that you don’t have yet. Once you unlock that character, you will be able to equip that new piece of equipment.