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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a new MMORTS by Epic Action LLC, which is another subsidiary of Machine Zone, the maker of Game of War and Mobile Strike. This joint venture with Square Enix takes the usual resource-gathering gameplay and combines it with the world of Final Fantasy XV for a strange yet very popular spinoff of the original title. Your goal is to collect stone, energy, metal, food, Gil and, and gold, and protect them from oncoming invaders. You do this by forming guilds and beefing up your troops and your defenses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire!

From the beginning, the quickest way to upgrade is to complete the recommended quests. You can deviate from the script at your own leisure though, and often, this is a quicker way to upgrade your buildings and beef up your empire. If you have the upgrade arrows turned on in the options menu, then an arrow will appear next to any building that is eligible for an upgrade.

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Join a guild as soon as you can, because so much of the gameplay is based around being in a guild. If you are ready to commit long-term to a guild, you can move your empire to be in the same vicinity as the others in your guild, for beefed up teamwork capabilities, troop-trading, and defenses. You’ll also open up new guild quests, and whenever someone in the guild makes a gold purchase, other guild members will also receive rewards.

Troop training is a game of quantity and quality. Train troops in the training grounds in order to beef them up, but also be sure to train as many and as big of a variety of them as possible. Different troop types are strong and weak against other different troop types, so variety is key.

Once you complete a quest, you don’t have to collect the rewards immediately. If you want to have resources leftover that other players can’t steal, then save your rewards until you get attacked and you need to rebuild, or until you immediately want to embark on mass upgrading or troop training. Collect them all at once and the rewards get added to your stockpile, which means that they can then be stolen.

If you’re getting frustrated by the big spenders killing you and you want to start it all over, then delete the app, then reinstall it. If you are already connected by Facebook, don’t reconnect. If you had an old Epic Action account, then make a new one. You’ll get added to the newest server possible, which will have newer players than your previous server. You’ll have to start over from the beginning if you do this though.