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Fingers of Fury – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Fingers of Fury is a new endless brawler for the iOS and Android platforms. The goal here is to get through stage after stage of enemy fighters, who come and attack you in greater and greater numbers, with all different levels of strength. Defeat is inevitable, but the goal is to get as far as you can before you get beaten. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fingers of Fury!

Watch the movements of the fighters that come at you. When it’s one fighter, prepare a punch. When it’s two or more fighters, prepare a kick. Kicks have longer recovery times than punches so don’t use them too often or you might end up getting knocked out when it takes too long to land.

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Once you get to later stages you are going to end up having to use multiple hits to kill stronger opponents – the ones in the red suits, in this case. They each take about three punches to kill, although they take only one kick. Start off with punching them and then when you start getting too swarmed, finish the whole group off with a kick.

You get a multiplier based on how many enemies you hit in a row and how long you can go for on the stage. The farther you go, the bigger the multiplier will be, and stronger enemies will give you bigger multiplier increases. This, of course, makes your score higher and higher, so top that all off with the extra points you get from tough enemies and you can earn a ton of points quickly.

You can watch an ad after a round is done in order to continue the stage from where you were when you died. This can be done as many times in a row as you want. You can literally go forever if you just keep watching ads. You have to be connected to a signal in order for it to work, though. No signal, no ads.

Check the Game Center or Google Play scoreboard for the high scores. In this game it could be hard to tell which ones are hacked and which are not because you can go an unlimited amount of time with videos. However, these are the players to match up against if you are interested in competing by score.