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Fire Emblem Heroes – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Fire Emblem Heroes is the latest in Nintendo’s blitz of mobile entries in its popular console franchises. This one brings in heroes from all around the Fire Emblem universe, from the OGs such as Marth and Roy to the ones who introduced the series to America, such as Eliwood. You can load up on heroes of all rarities, match them up as effectively as possible against teams of enemies, and use orbs to summon everybody that you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fire Emblem Heroes!

One of the most challenging mechanics of Fire Emblem in general is the permadeath mechanic. When your character dies in almost every Fire Emblem game, they are gone for good. That is luckily not the case here, so you don’t have to worry about losing a character for good when they are killed. Still, though, if a character is low on health, but you still want to level them up, send them in when an enemy is at the end of their health points and let ’em finish them off for the experience to get stronger.

Oftentimes you’ll end up with one character on your team who can only move one space at a time, such as Effie. Usually, these characters are so strong, though, that the best strategy is to slow down the entire battle and move your whole squad at the same pace as this slow tank. If you have a character with an assist move that can help to speed your tank’s movement along, use it liberally.

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Orbs can summon new characters, but don’t just buy the first summon that you can afford. Wait until you can afford at least two summons to start the fun. The second, third, fourth and fifth summons from the same set will cost 20% less than the first summon, giving you more bang for the buck.

There are loads of ways to boost your characters in this game aside from leveling them up in battle. Use the learn skill and equip skill functions to learn both passive and active battle skills, as well as to unlock new equipment for stat boosts. Characters can be leveled up using crystals that match their elements. If you have two identical characters, then you can merge them to give a large stat boost to the gaining character while getting rid of the duplicate character. Unlocking the potential of a character allows them to be leveled past 20.

If you have not done so already, sign up for a My Nintendo account and then log into it through Fire Emblem. If you own a recent Nintendo console you can use the same ID and password here that you use to log into your Wii or WiiU.