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First Class Flurry – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

First Class Flurry is a new flight attendant-themed time management game for the iOS and Android platforms. You are a new flight attendant and your goal is to keep all of the airline passengers as happy as possible, with everything from food to teddy bears to turbulence warnings, as well as taking lost kids back to their seats. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to beat First Class Flurry!

When working your way around the cabin, organize your jobs and tackle them in order of what you need to do. For example, fill your tray with food and other things from the galley, such as drinks or teddy bears, and take all those out first. When you’re getting trash, get all of the trash at once and take it to the recycle bin.

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When working trash, go from right to left so that it’s a short path to the recycling bin. When working in the galley, prepare what you need and then work from top to bottom, or from bottom to top, or from left to right. As long as it’s in order, so that you aren’t constantly backtracking, so that you don’t waste time getting to the passengers that need help.

Upgrade points allow you to buy various upgrades, from faster shoes to better accommodations that will help passengers to be more patient, to a bigger tray so that you can hold more goodies. Upgrade the energy drink machines, sweet treats and whatnot also, so that you can regenerate them more quickly.

If you need to get more upgrade points, go back to levels that you have already beaten and play them again, then rack them up and use the new upgrades to score better on levels that you are having a hard time with, or to beat the expert mode levels. The higher your scores, the more upgrade points that you get, so it becomes a self-reinforcing tip.

When turbulence hits, stop everything that you are doing right away, although you do not need to delete anything off of your tray. Go to the intercom immediately, then help all of the passengers who need help with their seatbelts, and help any kids who are lost get back to their seats. Then sit yourself down for bonus points. The more time that you have left over, the more points you get, so this is a good time to use an energy drink.