Fish With Attitude for iPhone: How to get free Pearls

Fish With Attitude is a new spin on the old aquarium genre. Unlike other fish tank/aquarium games, your fish actually have a personality! You can get nice fish, mean fish, brave fish, scared fish, and so on and so forth, and even breed different types of fish in order to attempt to get a new, rare fish with a different kind of personality. You can decorate your tank, of course, buy new fish tanks, and send your fish on digging expeditions to toss them in the air. Pearls are the premium currency, or “treasure”, of the game, and normally they cost real money to buy. However, who wants to spend real money on them? Read on to find out how to get more pearls for free.

During the tutorial, you might notice that you have 12 pearls to begin with. However, over the course of the tutorial, you will be prompted multiple times to spend your pearls, and over the course of the whole thing, you spend half of them. However, you don’t have to. Instead of spending your pearls, simply wait out the time that the game wants you to shave off, and when the time is up for the task to complete (training, breeding, etc), then the tutorial will move on, with not one single pearl spent.

You can also get more pearls each time you gain an experience level. When you gain one experience level, you get one pearl. It may not sound like much, but experience levels come quickly in this game, so those extra pearls can start to really add up.

When you send your fish on a digging expedition, usually they will come back with junk. Frequently, they will come back with actual worthwhile treasure. Every once in awhile, though, they will come back with a pearl that they just dug up, and it will be added to your collection.

The best way to get pearls, however, is to sign in on Facebook with this game. When you sign in on Facebook, you will earn 20 free pearls. You can only do this once, however.

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