Guide to Fish With Attitude: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies, part 2

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To figure out what fish you need to breed in order to hatch a specific new breed of fish, go to the store menu and tap on each of the premium fish that you want to breed, and look at what types they are. For example, a Gossip fish is a nice, mean, and shy fish, so breed a combination of the three (for example, a crazy fish and a shy fish, or a pretty fish and a mean fish). Whether or not you actually breed the fish that you want is a random occurrence (sometimes you just breed a fish of one of the types, or of two of the types), but the clue will be the time left to finish up when you send the two of them to the breeding tank. When it takes a long time (or a lot of pearls) to finish, that means you are breeding the fish that you wanted in the first place.

Certain fish have a tendency to dig up certain items with a lot more frequency than other fish, and Flirty fish, for some reason, tend to VERY frequently dig up pearls – sometimes as many as five pearls at a time. If you’re short on pearls and/or toys to make your fish happy (and you want to buy them with pearls), take your flirty fish on as many digging expeditions as possible and watch the pearls rack up.

One single breeding tank can, at least theoretically, be used by more than one fish couple at a time. How do you do it? Do this: When your fish are done laying the egg, hit the “breed” button at the top of the screen to bring another fish couple in, even while the egg is still incubating and hatching.

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