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Fishing Superstars for iOS: how to get free Stars

Fishing Superstars is an anime style fishing game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Not only do you get to catch fish and sell them for money to upgrade your equipment and catch even better fish, but you also get to raise fish in an aquarium, feed them and even breed them. Stars are the premium currency of the game and they allow you to buy better fishing equipment and clothing, as well as other goodies, than you would normally be able to buy in the game. Read on to find out how to earn more Stars without having to pay money for them!

One way that you can earn some free stars is to register for Gamevil Live for the first time, or, if you already have a Gamevil account, then register for a new unrelated account and log into that one. After you do, when you register and login for the first time, you will earn 30 free stars as a bonus.

Participate in any time-limited events and competitions that come up, and try to win them. Any time limited competition that comes up will earn up to 100 stars for the winner, and anyone who places second, and usually third, and often even others below that, will earn a share of stars as well.

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Keep logging in every day, because if you do, then every fifth day you will be able to earn free stars as a login bonus. On the first through fourth days you will earn only coins, but on the fifth you will get free stars.

Lastly, you can receive stars as a gift from your in game friends, and you can send them stars as well. The more you send out, the more that you get back in return, so send as many gifts to friends as possible, and maximize the size of your friend list to the highest degree possible.


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