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Flakey Twist – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Flakey Twist is an endless bouncing-snowflake game that has become a massive internet meme lately due to the amount of attention they’re getting for one particular offer. The offer is to win up to $200 if you beat a score of 50 and then post the high score on Instagram with a particular hashtag. Other than that, your goal is to bounce the snowflake past an endless parade of nearly-impossible obstacles and try not to throw your phone in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flakey Twist!

When you bounce up to your next obstacle, take a second to watch its pattern before you jump right into it. There is no time constraint to this game, so all that you need to do is bounce in a static rhythm and wait for the right moment to come, so that you can bounce up through the obstacle without smashing into it.

Watch the next obstacle after your current one, too, if it’s close enough to your current obstacle that you can see it. If it’s that close, then it’s going to pose a danger of death right after passing your current obstacle if you jump too quickly or at the wrong time, so you will have to line up two obstacles to jump through, not just one.

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Each star that you collect goes into your currency, and when you have enough stars, you can unlock new snowflakes of different colors. The new snowflakes are each a different color, have a different design than the others, and cost a different amount of stars. The first unlockable one is an orange one, which will cost 100 stars. The most expensive one currently costs 2,000 stars. For some reason, there is not currently an option to purchase more stars or to watch ads to earn stars.

Practice makes perfect with all of these obstacles. The more that you play, the more familiar the obstacles will become, and the more you’ll gain a mental rhythm for passing them. There is going to be a LOT of practice before you get anywhere near 50 points, so try not to get too frustrated. If you get frustrated and lose focus, take a break for 15 minutes or so and then come back to the game.

Only one person as of the time of this writing has ever passed 50 points and then Instagrammed it. If you do, go to Instagram, post a picture of your after-round score page, and post it with the tag @flakeytwist and the hashtag #flakeytwistwin200. Double check the spelling before you do.