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Flap – The Ultimate Flappy Game (iOS/Android) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Flap is a new game for the iOS and Android billed as the Ultimate Flappy Game. This game brings an old genre into a new era with 3D graphics, geometric shapes, and increasingly tough challenges for hardcore Flappy nerds. You can unlock new cubes to flap with, and even repaint the game entirely to your liking. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flap!

When you’re flapping, make sure to have your screen brightness up enough that you can see what’s going on fairly easily. Turn up your brightness on your phone, because the game itself is fairly dark. The pillars and posts jut out from the back of the level to get in your way, and they’re hard to see if the screen is too dark.

You can get new cubes in two different ways. One of these ways is to pay for them with gems. The other is to earn them from free gifts. Gifts pop up occasionally – you’ll know when they flash on the main menu. Come back frequently to collect them, and set push notifications so that you get the alert right away when a new bird is ready to unlock.

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Tap the paint icon and you can repaint every single facet of the level, besides the flapping cube itself. You can repaint the obstacles, every element of the background, and the barriers at the top and bottom. Once you give the level a paint job, you can either watch an ad video in order to set the color, or you can make a two-dollar in-app purchase to repaint without ads indefinitely.

Want to earn some quick gems? You can earn them decently quickly within the levels themselves, but go to the cube select screen and there will be a video button. Watch an ad video and you’ll earn 50 free gems. All that it takes to buy a new cube is seven videos.

You can watch videos for some other bonuses having to do with gems, as well. One of them is the magnet, which is activated for four minutes by watching a video. Another one is a gem doubler, and this is activated for two minutes by watching a video. These are worth it if you are consistently putting down high scores, and thus are able to collect a lot of gems.