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Flappy 3D – Bird’s Eye View: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Flappy 3D is an almost perfect recreation of the original Flappy Bird, albeit from a 3D perspective instead of the classic 2D one. Your goal in this game, just as in the past one, is to get the highest score that you possibly can, earning medals and beating your friends’ high scores in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flappy 3D!

You have four different types of medals that you can earn in this game. 10 points will earn you a bronze medal when you’re done. 20 points and you get a silver medal. 30 points and you get a gold medal. 40 points, meanwhile, will earn you the coveted platinum medal. Anything beyond that is purely for bragging rights.

Your goal is to aim yourself as close to the middle of the opening in between the two pipes as possible. To do this, start off aiming toward the top of the bottom pipe, and then hit jump right as you are about to go in between the opening. You’ll jump up and into the opening this way. It’s easy to aim too high if you’re aiming right down the middle to begin with.

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If you are going through a very low opening, though, take extra care when you’re doing this. If you hit the ground, you’ll crash and your run will be over. Occasionally, you can bounce off of the ground, but only right after just grazing it, as long as you jump again immediately afterwards; however, this is almost impossible to time, so don’t count on using this trick.

Hit the high score button to compare your score against the best of the top scores that other players around the world have logged. If you’re playing on an iOS device, then your score will be compared to those on other iOS devices, whereas if you play on an Android device, your score will be compared to other players on Android devices. Watch out for the hacked scores (usually ones that appear as 99999 etc) and scroll past them to the real high scores.

The pop-up ads can get to be a bit much sometimes, but a quick two-dollar in-app purchase will get rid of the ads instantly. If that’s too expensive for you, then you can set your phone or tablet into airplane mode, or simply turn all of the data off, and the ads will stop showing.