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Flappy Bird – FAQ, Wiki, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Flappy Bird is the newest game/digital drug to hit the iOS and Android app stores. The goal is to get through as many pipes as possible by tapping your screen to bounce the bird up and down, but the catch is that it’s insanely hard to do, and as such, it’s also extremely addicting. Seriously, if you don’t feel your heart rate increasing as you play the game, then you’re probably in the minority. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Flappy Bird!

Your bird bounces when you tap on the screen, and drops when you let go of the screen, so your goal, of course, is to find the best rhythm to get the bird through the gaps between the pipes. Your bird will jump the exact same distance and speed every time that you hit the button, meaning that it’s actually rather easy to set a rhythm.

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You have four medals that you can earn in the game. If you get to ten points in a game, you get a bronze medal. Twenty points will earn you a silver medal, while thirty points will earn you a gold medal. Finally, scoring 40 points in a game will earn you a platinum medal. The platinum medal is the highest one you can get, but there is theoretically no limit to how high your score can go.

In order to score even a bronze medal, you will need to find a good rhythm. Learn how to time your bounces so that you can consistently bounce through the pipes on the same level every time, or almost every time. Once you can pull that off, earning the other three medals is merely a function of continuing that rhythm.

If the game starts crashing, then close the app manually. If you start getting too frustrated, the only recourse is to take a break. There are zero in app purchases in the game, so there is literally no way to make the game easier. All you can do is concentrate harder and just keep on bouncing.

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